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In today’s world, our workspace isn’t just where we sit; it’s also online. Notion is a big deal for organizing our work and personal stuff. But there’s something that makes using Notion even better: Notion covers.

These aren’t just for looks. They make your Notion space not only useful but also nice to look at. This guide will talk all about Notion covers and show you how they can make your workspace somewhere you actually want to be.

What are Notion Covers?

Notion covers are those big pictures you see at the top of your Notion pages. They can be anything from cool landscapes and artwork to inspiring quotes and your own photos. But they’re more than just decoration; they set the vibe for your workspace. Basically, they make your Notion not just a bunch of pages but a place that feels like yours.

Benefits of Implementing Notion Covers

Adding Notion covers to your space does a few awesome things:

  • Personal Touch and Good Looks: Make your space show off your style or the feel of your work. A good-looking workspace can make even boring tasks a bit more fun.
  • Feeling Good: A space that looks good can actually make you happier and more eager to work. Seeing a cover that brings a smile to your face can be a real game changer.
  • Looking Professional: If you share your space with others or show it to clients, a good cover can make it look more put together.
  • Staying Organized: Different covers can help you tell your projects apart faster, making things run smoother.

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Choosing the Right Notion Cover

Picking the right cover is more than just grabbing a cool image. Here’s what to think about:

  • Theme and Colors: Pick a cover that goes well with what the page is about. Keeping the same style or colors across your pages helps too.
  • Clear and Sharp: Make sure your image looks clear and sharp, so your cover looks top-notch.
  • Fitting In: The cover should match what the page is for, whether it’s work, personal, or for fun.

Implementing and Customizing Notion Covers

Changing your Notion cover is easy:

  1. Click on the existing cover or the ‘Add Cover’ button at the top of your Notion page.
  2. Choose from Notion’s options or upload your own picture.
  3. Move it around and zoom in or out until it looks just right.

If you have lots of pages, think about using similar covers to make your whole workspace look unified.


Notion covers do more than just make things pretty; they turn your workspace into a place where you actually want to spend time. By picking and using the right covers, your Notion space becomes more than just functional – it becomes a spot that not only helps you get things done but also makes you feel good.

Call to Action

Start playing around with Notion covers and see how they can change up your digital workspace. Try out different styles and find what best shows off your personality and work vibe.

Let your Notion be a space that’s not just about work, but also about inspiration and fun.

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