Green Aesthetic Cover Pack [250+]



Welcome to the Notion Cover Pack: Green Aesthetic Collection. This cover pack has you covered, adding a modern green touch to your pages or templates.


  • Notion covers with an green aesthetic
  • High Quality
  • All Devices
  • Light & dark mode covers
  • Can also be used as Twitter/X banner!
  • For use within pages and/or templates but not for resale purposes

Green aesthetic notion cover collection preview

How do I update my Notion cover?

  1. Go to the top of your page and tap “Change cover”.
  2. Hit “Upload” and pick the perfect image for your page.


What is a Notion cover?
Notion covers are decorative images that allow you to personalize your Notion workspace.

Do these covers look good on any device?
Yes, the covers have been optimized to display well on any device.


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