Anime, Gradient and Shapes Notion Covers Packs [170+]


Cover packs including: Anime, Gradient and Shapes Notion Covers!


✨Make your Notion page unique and personalize it your way with these Notion Covers Packs


  • 170 Covers
  • 20 Icons
  • Dark Mode covers
  • Twitter Banner compatible
  • High Quality & Original

All assets are optimized to match your Notion workspace. Works perfectly in light and dark mode. Unlimited combinations. Mix and match to create your aesthetic page style or workspace.

Enjoy! Looking forward to see your Notion creations!

How do I update my Notion cover?

  1. Go to the top of your page and tap “Change cover”.
  2. Hit “Upload” and pick the perfect image for your page.


What is a Notion cover?
Notion covers are decorative images that allow you to personalize your Notion workspace.


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