Custom Icons for Your Notion Covers


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If you’re using Notion to keep things organized, you know it’s a pretty awesome tool.

But have you ever thought about making it look even cooler with your own custom icons?

This article is all about how to do just that — spicing up your Notion workspace with some personal style.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  1. Why Custom Icons Rock in Notion
  2. How to Make Your Own Icons
  3. Where to Get Ideas for Your Notion Covers
  4. Top Tips for Designing Icons
  5. Putting Your Icons into Notion
  6. Easy Ways to Make Your Notion Look Great
  7. Wrapping Up

Why Custom Icons Rock in Notion

Personal Touch

Custom icons are a fun way to show off your style. They make your Notion pages look like they’re truly yours.

Easier to Find Stuff

Cool icons can help you spot what you need in Notion faster. They’re like little signposts in your digital world.

How to Make Your Own Icons

Picking a Tool

First, pick a tool to make your icons. You’ve got options from easy ones like Canva to more pro stuff like Adobe Illustrator.

Icon Design Basics

Keep it simple and clear. Your icons should be easy to spot and get what they mean at a quick glance.

Where to Get Ideas for Your Notion Covers

Online Resources

Check out sites like Pinterest or Dribbble for some cool design ideas. You’ll find loads of styles to spark your creativity.

Here are some dedicated libraries for Notion icons:

For finding cool icons for your Notion covers, there are several great resources online where you can find a variety of icons to suit your style. Here are some notable ones:

  1. Notion Icons: This site offers over 8,400 customizable icons that you can copy and paste directly into your Notion pages. It’s a fantastic resource for a wide range of icon styles and is very user-friendly.

    Check them out at Notion Icons.
  2. IconHunt: This platform provides access to over 175,000 icons from various collections. It’s perfect if you’re looking for specific styles or themes, as the search feature is quite comprehensive.

    You can find them at IconHunt.
  3. Flaticon: Known for its vast collection of icons, Flaticon offers a wide range of choices, including animated icons, which can add a unique touch to your Notion workspace.

    Visit them at Flaticon.
  4. Vyshnav’s Notion Icons: If you’re looking for a basic but effective icon set, Vyshnav’s Notion Icons offer 286 icons that can be previewed in both light and dark mode. They’re straightforward and easy to download in SVG format.

    You can find them here.
  5. For those who prefer minimalist design, this site offers a simple selection of icons in three color tones for both light and dark mode. It’s an excellent choice for clean and straightforward icons.

    Explore their collection at
  6. Notion VIP Icons: This popular library created by a Notion expert offers both light and dark mode icons across 21 categories, providing 176 icons in total. It’s especially good for finding brand logos.

    Visit Notion VIP Icons.
  7. Icons: This pack offers 282 icons in both light and dark variations, with a convenient toggle option to view how they look. It’s one of the most popular Notion icon packs available.

    Check them out at Icons.
  8. Iconmonstr: This library stands out for its customization features, allowing you to download icons in PNG format and customize their size and color. It also offers cool background shapes and outlines.

    Visit Iconmonstr.

These resources provide a wide range of options for customizing your Notion workspace, whether you’re looking for something minimalist, animated, or specific to a certain theme.

Everyday Inspiration

Sometimes, the best ideas come from just looking around you. Nature, buildings, or even stuff on your desk can inspire awesome designs.

Top Tips for Designing Icons

Stick to a Style

Keep all your icons looking like they belong together. Same style, size, and colors — that’s the trick.

Keep It Simple

Your icons should be easy to recognize. Simple is usually better, especially when they’re small.

Putting Your Icons into Notion

How to Add Your Icons

Adding your icons to Notion is pretty easy. Just a few clicks and you’re set.

Keeping Things Tidy

Arrange your icons in a way that works for you. Think about how you use Notion and set up your icons to help you out.

Easy Ways to Make Your Notion Look Great

Colors and Themes

A good color balance can really make your Notion space pop. It’s all about making it nice to look at and easy to use.

Update Regularly

Change things up now and then. New icons can keep your Notion looking fresh and interesting.

Wrapping Up

Making your own icons for Notion isn’t just about looking good — it’s about making a space that feels right for you. With these tips, you can turn your Notion into something special that’s both fun and useful.

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