About Us

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The Idea Behind CoverNotion

We, Matt and Dennis, enjoy using Notion a lot. But we noticed there weren’t many places to find pre-made covers. That’s why we created CoverNotion. Here, we provide high-quality covers to enhance and personalize your Notion pages.

Our goal? To help every Notion user make their workspace distinctly their own.

Why Choose CoverNotion?

CoverNotion offers Notion covers that look great whether you’re working in bright conditions or in the evening. They fit perfectly on any device, from desktops to mobiles. We prioritize quality and variety, ensuring you have plenty of options to personalize your Notion pages.

The NotionPlates and CoverNotion Connection

NotionPlates is a marketplace where users can find and share Notion templates. It’s from the same team that brought you CoverNotion. The templates available on NotionPlates help users get organized, streamlining their work processes.

What’s the link with CoverNotion? While NotionPlates gives you the templates to set up your Notion workspaces, CoverNotion offers the covers that make them look great. Together, they make your Notion pages both useful and good-looking.

The Creators of CoverNotion

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Founder of CoverNotion and NotionPlates. Creates Notion templates and covers.


Co-Founder of CoverNotion. Creates Notion covers.